Welcome to Connect4Arab Network System

Network Control System

This system brings joy and convenience to controlling your network from anywhere and at any time using phones and computers. You can control network devices and manage network functions.

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Welcome to Connect4Arab Café System

Excellent System for Cafés, Clinics, and Restaurants

If you own a café, restaurant, or clinic, the Café System is ideal for you. You can sell specific internet cards with defined time and internet speed. It allows you to control users’ internet consumption.

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Welcome to Connect4Arab Home System

WIFI: The Optimal Solution for Non-Penetration

For the first time, we provide a solution for securing your home internet router from being hacked. You can control internet speed for each connected user and limit their data usage.


Home Internet Control

A system that serves as a suitable solution for non-penetration and controlling internet package consumption.

Café Cards System

This system works in cafes, restaurants, clinics, and public places.

Network Control System

A fundamental system in networking with many features.

System Installation Explanation

Explanation of system installation for networks, cafes, and home internet control.

Network Installation Explanation

Network Installation Explanation

Client Consumption Monitoring Explanation

Client Consumption Monitoring Explanation

  • External Network Access Explanation

    External Network Access Explanation


    Some Network System Features

    👍 Want to allocate gigabytes for each client in your network?
    👍 Want to know how much data a client downloads per day, hour, and second?
    👍 Want to control your network from anywhere and at any time?
    👍 Want to know if a client is really disconnected or just causing issues?
    👍 Want the subscription end page to appear for the client after the subscription ends?
    👍 Want a message to appear for the client when their data package is used up?
    👍 Want to block explicit content for an individual client or a group of clients?
    👍 Want your phone to work on broadband and avoid hotspot hacking attempts?
    👍 Want to know if there is a network issue or power outage when you are away?
    👍 Want to set data limits for PPPoE, Broadband, and Hotspot clients?
    👍 Want clients to send you messages directly?
    👍 Want to reduce a client's speed after their data quota is used up or block them?
    👍 Want to manage your network using prepaid cards like ISPs?
    👍 Want to print cards that work for an hour, week, month, or year?
    👍 Want to track total downloads and uploads separately?
    👍 Want statistics on total profits and the number of clients?
    👍 Want a network management system at an affordable price?
    👍 Want the system to calculate downloads and uploads like ISPs do?
    👍 Want clients to monitor their usage and renewal dates?
    👍 Want clients to have a balance and renew automatically each month?
    👍 Have multiple locations and want distributors with controlled permissions?
    👍 Have multiple MikroTik servers and want to manage them from a single control panel?
    👍 If your MikroTik fails, you'll lose names, downloads, usage, and chaos. With Connect4Arab, nothing is lost.
    👍 All these features are available in Connect4Arab System.
    👍 For network management
    👍 Strongest technical support in Egypt, as attested by all our clients.
    👍 No need for additional devices and increased hardware and electricity costs.
    👍 Even if your MikroTik burns out, you won't lose clients or downloads. Nothing is wasted with us.
    👍 The system operates 24/7, 365 days a year without interruption, thanks to God.
    👍 The difference between the system and User Manager
    👍 User Manager instability
    👍 Access the system from anywhere
    👍 Renew, activate, or deactivate subscriptions from anywhere and anytime
    👍 Set quotas or prices for clients
    👍 Reduce speed after quota expiration or lock the subscription
    👍 In case of MikroTik failure or damage, you won't lose client downloads, names, or cards.
    👍 But with us, nothing is wasted.
    👍 In addition, you get continuous technical support for your network.
    👍 And solve your network problems quickly.

    About Us

     Connect4Arab is an Information Technology and Communications company based in the Middle East. Established in 2005, the company has since grown and evolved to become one of the leading providers of innovative technology solutions and integrated services in the region. Our expertise at Connect4Arab lies in providing innovative IT solutions for a diverse range of sectors and industries, including small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and governmental entities. Our services encompass custom software design and development, systems and network management, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, systems integration, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mobile applications, and more. Connect4Arab boasts a qualified and specialized team of engineers, developers, and technical experts with extensive experience in the field of technology. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and offer appropriate solutions tailored to their individual requirements. Our mission at Connect4Arab is to become a leading IT and Communications company in the region, providing innovative and reliable solutions to our clients. We uphold the values of quality, innovation, collaboration, and professionalism, with a focus on delivering an excellent customer experience and achieving mutual success.

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